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Famous Beautiful Spiral Staircases

The World’s Most Famous Spiral Staircases

Famous Spiral StaircasesWhat comes to mind when you think of a spiral staircases? Perhaps you imagine stone steps in a castle, or maybe a flight of wrought iron spiral stairs in an apartment in the city pops into your head. Whatever the image in your head is when you think of spiral stairs, it’s likely to be one in which the staircase is truly the architectural center of attention. Known for their breathtaking beauty as well as their sturdiness, the following are some of the world’s most renowned spiral staircases. At The Great Lakes Stair and Millwork Company our family-owned business has been crafting beautiful custom spiral stairs for almost 20 years now. When you contact us you can trust our highly skilled artisans and craftsmen create beautiful elegent designs you have come to expect when you think of spiral staircases. Here are just a few inspirational spiral staircases we find breathtaking. 

Vatican Museum Stairs

Perhaps one of the most frequently photographed spiral staircases in the world, the Vatican Museum’s Spiral Staircase is a wonder unto itself. Originally designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, these steps are part staircase, part ramp. This staircase is actually comprised of two individual helixes, one venturing upwards, the other down, twisting together and creating a double helix.

Loretto Chapel Stairs

An intriguing stair case if ever there was one! In 1872 Jean-Baptiste Lamy, the Bishop of the Santa fe Archdiocese commissioned a chapel to be built and taken care of by the Sisters of Loretto. While the house was being built however, the architect died suddenly. Construction eventually continued, but it was quickly realized that there was no stairway with which to ascend to the loft. The chapel was small in stature, so a normal staircase would have been far too large for it and since the sisters wore long habits as part of their daily dress, a ladder would not have been a suitable means for them to reach the loft. It is said that the sisters prayed for 9 days, and on the 9th day a stranger appeared on their doorsteps. The stranger happened to be a woodworker who told the sisters that, given complete privacy, he would build them a staircase. What the stranger produced using little more than a square, a saw, and some warm water, was the beautiful Loretto Chapel stairs, made entirely of non-native wood. The identity of the carpenter was never revealed, and he disappeared shortly thereafter. This spiral staircase stands out not only due to its beauty, but due to the fact that it makes two complete revolutions up to the loft without the use of nails or a central support. Today the chapel is a museum and is often used as the backdrop for weddings.

Tulip Stairs, The Queen’s House, Greenwich England.

Constructed in 1635 this set of stairs was the premiere geometric self supporting staircase in Britain. The stair case gathers its name from the fleurs de lis stairs symbol, a symbol often repeated throughout the design of the iron work of the stairs which is said to resemble a tulip. The fleur de lis is a symbol of the French born Queen Henrietta Maria Bourbon’s family, the queen consort of England at the time.

These works are just a few examples of why we believe an expertly-crafted staircase can turn any home into something to behold. Browse our gallery to view some of our design work from custom commercial stairs to classic spiral staircases.