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Decorating Stairs for Christmas

When you enter a home, the staircase is usually in the front or the center of the house. There is no better time of year to make the focal point of your home stand out with decorations than the holidays. Whether you have traditional straight stairs or a curved staircase, there are plenty of festive ideas that will make a statement.
Garland is one of the most classic staircase décor items around the holidays. There is something special and festive about the wrapping of garland in December. There are many types of garland; it can be the traditional green pine, a decorative silver strand or even a homemade popcorn or cranberry garland.
Many people often use ribbons and bows as a way to add an extra touch to their Christmas décor. Often found on packages and gifts, these items also make the perfect addition to your staircase decorations. Fastening the bow around the newel of your stairway create a finished look with ribbon or garland streaming along the baluster.

Live flowers and plants can also create a show stopping staircase display! Around the holiday the use of the poinsettia plant evokes memories of Christmases past, but a variety of plants or flowers can be used to create a stunning Christmas floral display. Choose items with deep red or green hues and sprinkle in crisp white accents for a traditional holiday look. 

Depending on the shape of your staircase, you may be able to add a Christmas tree on the landing or near the curve of your staircase. If you have a balcony or wide catwalk at the top of the stairway, a decorated tree can really bring a unique element to your holiday display.
No matter what the holiday, the staircase can be dressed up and truly impress guests of your home. However, there is something distinctive and unique about the use of garland, ribbon, bow, plants and trees during the holiday season.